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Taking children that aren’t yours into your home sounds like a daunting prospect–and some of that burden is financial. How will you pay for everything that the foster children in your care need? The income you have often seems inadequate now, much less once you add more children to your home! For this reason, many potential foster parents find themselves asking, “Do you get paid to be a foster parent?”.

A young girls hugs her foster parent in the park.

There’s No Payment for Being a Foster Parent

When you decide to open your home, you aren’t being paid for it. You aren’t slipping a check into your pocket each month that will help you pay for your current bills. Fostering children isn’t intended as a way to make money.

You do Receive a Stipend from the State

The amount you receive will vary based on the number of foster children in your care and any special circumstances surrounding the children: those with special needs, for example, may receive a higher amount in order to pay for additional care needs. This money, however, is not intended for your personal expenses. Rather, it’s intended to help pay for the needs of the foster children in your care. Many foster parents estimate that the amount received from the state is less than half the amount actually needed to care for foster children.

There is Financial Help Available

The good news is, fostering children does come with a certain amount of help. They will receive full medical coverage that will cover both the cost of care and any emergency or sick costs that may be associated with caring for the child.

Learn More About Payment for Foster Parents

Being a foster parent brings with it plenty of compensation: the love and pride of caring for a child who needs your help. That compensation, however, isn’t financial–it’s in terms of love. If you’re ready to start the process to become a foster parent, or you have more questions about the process, contact us today to learn more about whether or not you qualify to be a foster parent and how you can begin.