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Michael Patrick

Chief Executive Officer

Shirley Dwyer

Chief Operations Officer

Brenden Long

General Counsel

Melissa Briggs, Ph.D.

Chief Administration Officer

Carol Dold-Harris

Chief Financial Officer

Rachelle Roosevelt

Chief Program Officer

Shay Collins

Senior Vice President Foster Care & Residential Services

Melissa Wood

Senior Vice President of Clinical & Assessment Services

Paul Epp

Vice President of Foster Care Technologies

Taylor Forrest

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Michael Gichoga

Vice President of Information Technology

Sean Green

VP of Software

Heather Johanning

Vice President of Human Resources

Ashley King

Vice President of Performance & Risk Management

Patricia Long

Vice President of Program Development

Kyle Manahan

Vice President of Information Services

Angela Nowell

Chief of Staff

Pam Richardson

Vice President of Foster Care & Adoption Services

Jennifer Sannan

Vice President of Administrative Services

Brandy Tofel

Vice President of Policy & Research

We have confidence that everyone can make a difference today and contribute to where we go in the future.

Foster children who find a stable home
are 60% more likely to attend college.

You can help unlock a world of opportunities for a child in need.

Unlock a child's potential

Become A Foster Parent:(833)-7FOSTER