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Group of children sitting on porch reading a book together at one of the sibling homes

Group of children sitting on the porch reading a book together.

Maybe you have made the decision to become a foster parent or are interested in making a more significant impact. What is one way to extend your service to foster youth and their families? Consider becoming a sibling home.

What is a Sibling Home?

A sibling home is a family willing and equipped to take in sibling groups comprised of 3 or more children. TFI Family Connections reports that not enough foster homes exist in general to accommodate the amount of youth in the foster care system. Additionally, Oklahoma needs over 400 families willing to take large sibling groups.

Why Are Sibling Homes Needed?

Removing a child from his/her home is a traumatic experience.  This entails the child is separated from family members, belongings, familiar routines, and often siblings. Siblings are those who provide one another with much-needed support during stressful situations. For example, they are helpful when moving into the strange, new environment of a foster home.

Although some foster parents are willing to care for three or more children at a time, their numbers are not very high. And according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, keeping siblings together while in foster care can mitigate some of the stressors experienced by youth.

Is Being a Sibling Home Right for You?

You may be thinking, ‘that sounds like a lot of work.’ And it is. It is also a lot of rewards. Fostering large groups of siblings benefits the children in your care to maintain a sense of connection and lessen their anxiety which can lead to more positive outcomes.  But it also benefits you as the foster parent in knowing the positive difference you are making in the lives of children and families.

Learn More About Sibling Homes

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or have a possible interest in sibling groups, please contact us.