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If you watch the movie, “Instant Family,” you get an idea of what it means to become a foster parent. In this movie, Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne’s characters end up fostering a group of three siblings, a situation which they are not completely prepared for. But after a lot of trials and tribulations, they end up falling in love with the kids and adopting them. The situations described in the movie are somewhat exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t happen. Here are some things that come to light when you watch this movie:

  1. “Instant Family” and the Challenges of Becoming a Foster ParentFoster Siblings: In “Instant Family,” Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne’s characters end up fostering a group of three siblings. This is because the foster agency thinks that it’s better for all the siblings to be together rather than splitting them up which would be traumatic for them. You may also come across such a situation when you are thinking of fostering kids. So ask yourself whether you would be ok with fostering two or more siblings and whether this would be possible for you.
  2. Meeting Biological Parents: Another thing you see in this movie is that when the foster kids’ mom gets out of prison, she wants to meet her kids, So they are taken to meet her every week. Keep in mind that this is also something that could happen with your foster children if their parents want to meet them.
  3. Kids’ Personalities: When you watch the movie, you see that each foster kid has their own personality. The teenage girl is rebellious and has an attitude. The tween boy is sensitive and accident prone. The little five-year-old girl tends to throw tantrums if she doesn’t get her way. This doesn’t mean that they’re not lovable, just that each kid will deal with a dramatic change in a different way. So this is something you’ll need to look out for when you start fostering a child.

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