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When considering becoming a foster parent, one may also wish to examine the impact on the whole family. If children are living in the home, their lives will be significantly affected. When a foster child is placed, children living in the home will have to share many things. Holidays and family gatherings will be different, as the foster child participates and meets aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Rules and expectations of behavior may change, based on the needs of the foster child. Talking with young children before the arrival of the foster child is essential.

Benefits of Fostering

whole family involved

Mixed race young couple with foster care children.

If handled appropriately, though, the benefits of fostering can significantly outweigh any challenges. Through being part of a foster family, children can learn the joy of helping someone else. Foster care, at its core, provides temporary support for children when their families of origin cannot meet their needs due to various circumstances. Being part of a foster family can help children grow in compassion and empathy while expanding their worldview.

As Carrie Craft explains in her article, “How Foster Care Affects Children in Your Home”, “As foster children experience their losses, your child will learn how the losses of others impact them. They will also have the opportunity to experience their own grief and loss as foster children come and go from their lives. This does not have to be negative”. Each foster child that is welcomed into the family brings his or her life experiences, unique personality, sense of humor, personal challenges, hopes, and dreams. Fostering can enrich the lives of the one being fostered, as well as the ones providing care.

Learn More About Involving the Whole Family

At TFI we put our many years of experience to use in helping families prepare to become foster families. We consider each unique family’s structure and strengths when placing foster children in care. Our goal is to provide compassionate, quality service to foster children and foster families through innovative approaches. If you are interested in exploring what it means to be a foster family, contact us today.