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foster parents with foster chldren and biological children

Foster parents watching TV with their kids.

When you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent, one of the major questions is how the process might affect your biological children. Most foster families find that the transition can be challenging but deeply rewarding. Here are a few suggestions that will help you succeed.

Involve Your Kids

Your children will probably be more enthusiastic if you encourage them to take part in the preparations, and give them choices about how they want to pitch in. Older children may benefit from taking on some additional responsibility, while siblings of all ages can help welcome your new foster child into your home. You also want to keep your children updated on any developments like court dates and caseworker visits.

Strive for Consistency

All children feel more secure when there are normal routines. Try to stick to your usual family rituals as much as possible.

Schedule One-on-One Time With Your Foster Children and Biological Children

While it’s important to spend time together as a family, one on one time also strengthens your connections and helps make sure you can continue fulfilling each child’s needs as your family grows larger. Plan outings based on their personal interests or ask them to help you with activities around the house.

Think About Timing

Different arrangements work for different families. Thus, you can often adapt to any circumstances when you have enough motivation and training. At the same time, you want to be sure that your children are ready to share their lives and their home with a new foster child. Sometimes, it helps if there is a significant age difference or you might wait until you feel they’re mature enough.

Work With Your Foster Agency

As always, your foster agency can help you address your individual questions and concerns. That way you and your foster children can have the happiest and most enriching experience possible.

Learn More About How Becoming a Foster Parent Affects Your Biological Children

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