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Yes, You Can Afford to Become a Foster Parent

You have a strong desire to have a foster child in your home but you wonder if you can afford it. Maybe you earn a modest income and your home isn’t the biggest or most spacious. Don’t let these limitations keep you from becoming a foster parent. While you should be able to support foster children financially, this doesn’t mean that you need to be rich. Here are some ways you can afford to get into foster parenting.


In most states, foster parents will receive stipends that cover the costs of raising their foster children. These expenses include housing, clothing, school supplies, and activities. The amount is small, but it can still help with costs.


Before you receive your first placement, save part of your income every pay period. This helps you cover expenses that the stipend doesn’t cover. Savings can also benefit you if your foster child requires extra medical care due to certain health conditions. If you work outside the home and need childcare, some states might reimburse you for childcare costs. The more money you have saved up, the more financially prepared you are for foster parenting.

Look out for Bargains

As far as groceries and clothing go, you can save money just by looking out for good bargains. Thrift stores and consignment shops are affordable places to buy clothes for your foster child. Search your supermarket’s sales and buy sales items in bulk so that you’ll have enough food for the next few weeks. Manufacturers’ coupons are also helpful in saving money on groceries and don’t be ashamed to purchase store-brand products.

Foster Children Are Covered by Medicaid

This shaves off some of the costs of taking care of your foster child’s medical expenses. Preventative care is one of the best ways to reduce medical costs. Teach your child proper hygiene and bring him to the pediatrician, dentist, and eye doctor regularly even if your child isn’t experiencing warning symptoms.


In conclusion, don’t think your income will prevent you from foster parenting. The most important thing is the love and compassion that the child experiences in your home.

If you need help with getting started in foster parenting, contact us. We are here to offer the guidance needed to begin this journey the right way.