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girl at respite care playing doctor

Child in a pink jacket playing the doctor with a teddy bear.

You see the big need for new foster families and you want to help somehow. Perhaps you have considered your place as a potential foster family but you are not really sure where to start or if you are ready for that level of commitment. That is understandable because it is a huge commitment. Consider being a respite foster provider to get started. You may even find that being a respite provider is exactly where you belong.

What is Respite Foster Care?

Respite care is when another family steps in to temporarily provide care for a child placed in a permanent foster family. This is especially helpful for families who are caring for a child who has extra emotional, behavioral, or medical needs. This type of situation may leave the permanent family in need of some time for rest so they can be the best parents possible. Sometimes permanent families also need to travel out of state and can’t bring their foster child with them.

Regular parents have the option to call family members or babysitters to provide care but that is often not an option in foster care situations due to state regulations. That is when respite providers are very helpful.

How to Provide This Care

Becoming a respite care provider is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to try foster care. Your first step is to begin the process of obtaining a license through your state foster care department.

Most respite care placements happen over a weekend and at most over a span of two weeks. You can choose when you are available and over time you will learn what type of placement situations you are most comfortable taking. The good thing about respite care is that the permanent families will already have a good handle on how to best care for their particular child and can adequately prepare you for the placement. There won’t be as many surprises.

Learn More About Respite Care

Are you ready to support foster care families in your community by becoming a respite care provider? Be sure to contact us for more information.