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at the aquarium for a child interested in marine biology to increase his self-worth

Silhouettes of a young family enjoying views of underwater life.

Foster children sometimes come from broken homes and tough circumstances. Thus, as a foster parent, it is vital to build your foster child’s self-worth. That way s/he can recover from those experiences to thrive in life. One thing you shouldn’t do is belittle him verbally. In fact, this will make him shut down and it will become more difficult to communicate. Instead, focus more on the things he does right. Then, lovingly offer the discipline and correction that he needs when he disobeys. Here are other ways to boost his self-worth.

Teach Them New Skills

Children have a natural interest in learning new skills. Thus, when you teach him these things, his confidence grows. Don’t stress yourself out if he doesn’t learn the skills right away. Praise the small successes he has and over time, you’ll see even bigger improvements. This boosts your foster child’s self-worth.

Allow Kids to Take Risks

While it’s not a good idea to let your kids live without boundaries, it’s also important to let your kids take healthy risks. If your child wants to pursue a spot on his high school’s soccer team even though his athletic skills aren’t the best, let him try. If your child succeeds on the team in spite of his weaknesses, he will be proud of himself and his self-worth will increase.

Encourage Their Goals

Every kid has certain interests and goals, and you want to encourage them as much as possible. If your child loves to read books about marine biology, bring him to the library for books on the topic. Watch some online videos about marine biology. Further, if he expressed a desire to work in this field, arrange a trip to an aquarium or nature center where he can meet with a marine biologist.

Give Hugs and Kisses

For small children, these mean a lot to their self-worth. Give them hugs and kisses as often as possible, and let them know how much you’re glad to have them in your life. Teens also need this from their parents.

Learn More About Boosting Your Child’s Self Worth

In conclusion, these tips will build your foster child’s self-worth for years to come.

If you need assistance with becoming a foster parent, contact us. We are here to guide you through the application and placement process.