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Michael Patrick

Position: Texas Board President

Michael Patrick is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the The Family Initiative, Inc. (TFI). In addition to being CEO of the parent company, he also oversees TFI’s Family of Companies operations as a board member over TFI Family Services, Inc. in Kansas and Nebraska, Pathway Family Services in Kansas, TFI Family Connections in Oklahoma, as well as Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions and Foster Care Technologies, both of which are multi-state organizations. Additionally, Michael Patrick serves as a board member for the Texas Family Initiative, LLC which provides foster care, adoption, and behavioral health services in more than 40 counties in Texas.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the human service field. He is a former Child Welfare League of America Freddy Mac Scholarship Award winner. Michael Patrick has a bachelor’s degree in Corrections and Criminal Justice from Washburn University and a Master’s degree in Social Work with an administrative concentration from the University of Kansas. Mr. Patrick has served on multiple State and National advisory boards and committees. His management by outcomes expertise is nationally recognized, as well as his extensive knowledge in child welfare privatization efforts and practices.